Twenty Fourteen

Despite not being one for resolutions, and ‘new year, new beginnings’ I do think that the new year is a time to set goals for yourself, or at least think about what you would like to have achieved by the end of the coming year. The new year has bought with it some great reflection posts and despite being a little late I decided I must jump on the bandwagon…

2014 was the year that:

1. I completed my A levels (just about)

2. I had the best, and most draining, holiday with my girlfriends (!)

3. I became a second cousin (aunty) for the 4th and 5th time

4. My boyfriend moved 100 miles away to London

5. I then moved 150 miles in the opposite direction to Manchester

6. As a result of 4. and 5. I am now Virgin Trains’ most loyal customer – and very tired.

7. I took up mixed martial arts, and accepted the fact my legs will forever be covered in bruises…

8. I changed my hair colour four times – WHY

9. I quit my job at Selfridges (!) after being an employee for two years – bitter sweet

10. I eventually realised that I am much more of a home bird than I initially believed… and accepted the fact I am growing up.

Without dwelling and reflecting too much, as it is not in my nature, 2014 overall was an exciting year for me, full of big life changes and adventures. As far as resolutions go, I shall keep them small and achievable. I want to drink more water (Daily Water is a must have). I want to travel as much as possible – in ten years time I won’t look back at the dress/shoes I just HAD to have, however I may just remember the places I visited and the memories made there (which reminds me, take more photos!!). I also wish to make a conscious effort to blog more(!) as when I make the time to do so, I really do enjoy it.

If all goes accordingly, 2015 will be the year I spend the summer living in the big smoke with my fella in a summer placement doing what I love. It will be the year I spend three months studying abroad (praise heavens for FaceTime and the Eurostar!) and It will also be the year I move into my very own house – good riddance student halls! Wow.

Other than that, I shall just have to wait and see. The good, the bad, and all the middling bits in between.

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