About a year ago, I started hearing more and more often about La Roche-Posey’s ‘Effaclar Duo’… moisturiser? Okay so most of the bottle is in french, but whatever it is, every night after my usual cleanse, tone, etc – I would cover my face in this product

– I did this for about two weeks after purchasing and could instantly see the results! I suffer from scarring around my chin from the ugly teenage spots that used to be such a burden!! Yet this cream made them almost invisible – so I bought the rest of the range! It is pretty pricey but Boots always have offers on, and it lasts ages! As i say I’ve had it for almost a year now and still haven’t ran out. Although admittedly i have switched my creams a few times in this period, as I just can’t help myself. However, I have come crawling right back. Highly recommend this for anyone who suffers from breakouts! ‘Effaclar K’ is to specifically target bad breakouts and works a dream!!

Abigail xo


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